The peculiarity of this window is the minimalist and rigorous profile, with the leaf entirely covered by the frame.

An aesthetically slimmer window, that is clean and simple with a modern touch. The new application technique of the aluminium allows to have a coplanar frame to the external wall of the building, covering the leaf and giving the impression of a whole between wall and window: the aluminium profile indeed forms a smooth and even surface, with invisible weldings at the edges.

Finally, sorrounding the glazing with the aluminium profile, interesting play of colors can be created, inasmuch the aluminium can be painted with all the RAL range available.

– Section of the frame mm 78 x107; section of the leaf mm 92×78
– External finishing of aluminium assembled by welding and fixed to the wooden load-bearing structure with nylon clips which allow to free dilatation of the materials and proper ventilation
– Anodized or powder coated alu sections, they can be also decorated with wooden effect
– 4 gaskets; 3 tightness gaskets applied to the frame, 1 acoustic applied to the leaf
– Hinges for tilt&turn made by galvanized steel, lifting power up to 130 kg, painting with anti-corrosion treatement
– Silver anodized Aluminium treshold for thermal insulation on the french doors
– Handle type Tokyo of anodized aluminium silver color
– Standard glazing LowE 54 mm thickness (4+18+4+18+4)
– Stratified LowE glazing with gas up to Ug = 0,5 or sound proof up to Rw = 46 dB are available
– French doors with a wide glazing (without middle transom) have internal and external safety glasses
– Glazing is assembled in the production site (windows are delivered with the glases alredy installed); the tightness of the glasses is ensured by continuous perimetral gaskets.

Resistenza al carico del vento (EN 12210) Classe 5
Tenuta all’acqua (EN 12208) E1050
Permerabilità all’aria (EN 12207) Classe 4
Prestazioni acustiche [dB] (EN ISO 717-1) 37
Trasmittanza termica Uw [W/mqK] (EN ISO 10077) 1,46

Trasmittenza profili