– Section of the fix frame 108×90 mm, Section of the leaf 108×86 mm
– Alu external covering fixed to the wooden bearing structure with nylon clips
– Free dilation and adequate ventilation between wooden and alu parts
– Anodized or powder coated alu sections
– 4 Gaskets: 3 of them assembled on the frame for thermal insulation, the other applied to the leaf for acoustic insulation
– Hinges for tilt&turn made by galvanized steel, lifting power up to 130 kg
– Anodized silver aluminium doorstep for french doors, in compliance with standards about the elimination of architectonical barriers
– Standard handle: type Tokyo, anodized bronze aluminium
– Locking of the semi-fixed leaf: Euronut type on windows and French doors with 2 leaves (movement of the locking bolt at the height of a man)
– Standard glazing: low-E, thickness 54 mm (4+18+4+18+4)
– Stratified or low-E glasses and gas filling are vailable up to Ug=0,9 W/m2K or sound-insulation up to Rw= 42dB
– French doors with large glass (without middle cross piece) with internal and external safety glasses
– Double glazing is assembled and perfecly sealed in the production site with automatic machines (windows are delivered with glasses already assembled)

Resistance to wind load (EN 12210) Class 5
Watertightness (EN 12208) E900
Air permeability (EN 12207) Classe 4
Acoustic performance [dB] (EN ISO 717-1) 42
Thermal transmittance Uw [W/mqK] (EN ISO 10077) 0,8