Simeonato Serramenti Spa produces wooden doors and windows and wooden/alu windows.
It operates on the market for over 50 years


Located in Camposampiero (Padova), the company is specialized in the development of a wide range of solutions for new residential and public building, property renovation and hotels, in harmony with designers’, building contractors’ or private customers’ requests.

Since 1962

It was born in 1962, starting from a handcrafted dimension achiving the industrial one during the ’70s, keeping unchanged the care for details and the attention to Customer’s demands.

Our production

In addition to the production of windows and doors for the common building construction, the company offers antiburglar doors, wooden-alu windows, internal doors with alluminium jambs, laminated doors and fire stop REI doors with certification of acoustic insulation for hotels and general living center.


Why choose Simeonato’s products

For Simeonato, the use of wood as a raw material for windows and doors, is not only an aesthetic choice but also the result of a company mission aimed to give a natural product to its Customers, a product with high standards of quality, that lasts in time and with eco-friendly properties. Wooden doors and windows, indeed, have lower enviromental impact compared to those realized with raw materials derived from oil.

The Company’s awareness towards enviromental contents is the outcome of an ethic approach to the market, besides the business one..

Simeonato’s philosophy is to work respecting the delicate balance of nature, in addition to customers’ requests: windows and doors are processed with water-based paintings which guarantee an excellent life span against very lowered quantity of organic volatile compounds (VOC), in the full respect of the most recent European laws.

Simeonato’s quality

The Quality System certified ISO 9001 since 1996, guarantees the absolute reliability for supply of any dimension. Timely delivery and prompt and efficient installation are the logical consequencies of a working philosophy always oriented to the highest qualitative levels.
Building contractors and professionals find in Simeonato a helpful partner for suggestions and expert advices since the designing phase.